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English ID is a fun, engaging four-level series for adults and young adults with an
emphasis on speaking both accurately and fluently.
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English ID is a fun, engaging four-level series for adults and young adults with an emphasis on speaking both accurately and fluently. It accelerates the learning process with a range of exciting strategies that encourage students to express themselves and build their new identity in English. The material builds on students’ existing knowledge of English and introduces new language through authentic texts and audiovisual material. With its user-friendly format, English ID is a highly flexible course that offers 80–120 hours of material per level.

With English ID students will:

 learn more quickly through a pedagogy which respects the needs and strengths of speakers of Romance languages

 develop accuracy by avoiding typical errors highlighted in Common Mistakes

 improve their speaking and pronunciation through a syllabus and activities focused on their needs

 enjoy language in context with the entertaining videos of the ID Café sitcom

 benefit from varied vocabulary input which builds on their existing knowledge

 learn a motivating songline in every lesson which reinforces the language area learned

 personalize their learning with a wealth of opportunities to talk about their own experience and opinions

 practice as much as they want in class, on paper and online with the Richmond Learning Platform

Components & Resources:

For Students

 Student’s Book (with portal access code)


 Split editions (except for Starter)

 Learning Platform

extra practice, audio and video

For Teachers

 Teacher’s Book

 Class CD

 DVD (ID Café)

 Digital Book

 Learning Platform with a full range of digital resources






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