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@work is the perfect course for anyone who needs to communicate in English at work, regardless of their profession or job title.
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@workis the perfect course for anyone who needs to communicate in English at work, regardless of their profession or job title. @work brings a light-hearted and non-executive approach to English learning and is also suitable for pre-work tertiary students. Available in 4 levels, the @work Student’s Book material offers a minimum of 60 hours of study. However, the course can be extended with a wealth of additional digital components: to meet the varying needs of different students. These include the interactive @work digital workbook, Richmond Business Theories and Richmond Business Skills and the award-winning Richmond Mazes. Whatever the industry, whatever the job, @work will suit any employee, preparing them to conduct business outside the classroom.

With @work students will:

 learn get-the-job done language while avoiding business English clichés

 deal with grammar through an upfront approach

 work with flexible materials

 practice email writing

 follow video modules comprising presentations, negotiations, communications and meetings

Components & Resources:

For Students

 Student’s Book with access code


 Audio CD


For Teachers

 Teacher’s Book

 Class Audio CD

 Learning Platform

 Digital book for IWB




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